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Drive Down Your Effective APR.

A big benefit of Wunder Term Loans is that there are no prepayment penalties. This means that borrowers can pay down their loan using benefits like the ITC and MACRS, effectively reducing their APR on loan principal. Here’s how it works:

1: Billing Begins

Once the installation is complete, the installer is paid and Wunder begins to bill the borrower.

2: A Prepayment is Made

The borrower receives benefits (like the Federal ITC or SREC’s) and makes a prepayment. There are NO prepayment penalties.

3: The Loan is Reamortized

The loan is automatically re-amortized, reducing both the monthly payments going forward as well as the effective APR.

Chart of payments over time

Solar Financing, Simplified.

Competitive rates, flexible payback options, and fast terms make Wunder’s Term Loans the most cost effective total financing offering in the market. To receive a loan quote for your project(s), please contact a Wunder representative.

Effective APR’s of 3.5% and Up

Wunder Term loans typically have a stated annual interest rate of around 8.5%. By leveraging prepayments, borrowers can drive their loan’s effective APR down to 3-5%.

Quick 7-Year Loan Terms

Wunder Term loans are appreciably shorter than other offerings in the market, . Borrowers pay interest for 3-8 years less on average, resulting in a significantly lower total cost of financing.

Don’t Give Away the Farm.

Because Wunder understands the value of commercial solar installations, we can be more flexible with collateral requirements. Wunder’s Term Loan is non-recourse and is collateralized by a lien on the solar project.

Wunder Gen. Biz Loan SBA (7A) Loan C-PACE Utility Loan
Personal Guarantee Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
All-Assets Lien Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Property Lien Check Mark Check Mark
Solar Project Lien Check Mark Check Mark

What You See Is What You Get.

Wunder Term Loans have a simple fee structure. There are NO application or dealer fees. There are NO hidden charges. There are NO surprises.

Origination Fee

Wunder Term Loans have a 2% origination fee on principal. To make payment easier, this fee is spread across the first 12 months of payments, resulting in a 0.167% charge each month for 12 months.

Service Fees

Wunder Term Loans have a service fee attached to each monthly payment. This fee is calculated to be 1% of the month’s interest and principal payment, equaling 0.26% of the loan’s total APR.

Does My Project Qualify?

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Get started by speaking with a Wunder representative - we’ll explain our process, answer any questions you have, and help you set up a Wunder account. If you’re a business that wants to go solar but isn’t working with a solar professional yet, ask Wunder’s specialists for a recommendation in your area.

Tiered Application
We ask for the easy stuff up front, so that you don’t have to ask your customer for sensitive info until it’s time for closing.

Security in Sharing
We want our solar partners to have peace of mind, so we encourage all of them to execute an MNDA with Wunder.

No Application Fees
Wunder doesn’t charge dealer or application fees. Bring us in early so that you only focus on financeable projects.

Quick Turnaround
Our goal is to make a turnkey financing product that solar professionals can leverage as a sales tool.