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Non-recourse financing for your commercial or community solar projects.


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Solar Financing, Simplified

Wunder provides construction and term financing for commercial solar projects. Financeable project structures range from traditional commercial solar PPAs to feed-in-tariffs, community solar developments, and unrated credit offtakers, to name a few. Wunder’s dedicated team will always work directly with you to get your unique project financed.

Get Your Project Financed

We believe that project finance shouldn't happen inside a black box. You should know what needs to be done and when, and you should be informed of the status of your loan application at all times. As a result, our process is fast, friendly, and transparent.

1. Submit a Loan Application

Once you confirm your project meets our tasks, request financing using Wunder's simple and fast online application.

2. Secure a Preliminary Offer

Wunder will typically send you a preliminary offer or follow up with additional questions in less than 48 hours.

3. Begin Project Diligence

See Wunder’s required diligence documentation to understand what will be required and when.

4. Contract & Celebrate

Dedicated account representatives, standardized contracts, and easy online signatures make closing a breeze!

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Wunder: The Leading Commercial Financier

With over 175MW of commercial solar projects financed since 2016, Wunder is the commercial solar market’s leading financier. Working hand in hand with our developer partners and industry leaders, we strive to truly understand and accurately value systems in this unique space. As a result, we’re constantly bringing new products and services online to provide the best offerings and borrower experience in the industry.

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Get started by speaking with a Wunder representative - we’ll explain our process, answer any questions that you have, walk you through our solutions, and help you set up a Wunder account.

Tiered Application

We ask for the easy stuff up front, so that you don’t have to ask your customer for sensitive info until it’s time for closing.

Security in Sharing

We want our solar partners to have peace of mind, so we encourage all of them to execute an MNDA with Wunder.

No Application Fees

Wunder doesn’t charge dealer or application fees. Bring us in early so that you only focus on financeable projects.

Quick Turnaround

Our goal is to make a turnkey financing product that solar professionals can leverage as a sales tool.

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