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Going Solar Makes Financial Sense.

Gone are the days when solar panels were only for environmental activists. Today, going solar can now reduce your company’s energy bill each month and lock in a lower fixed energy rate for years to come. Find out how Wunder can make going solar an easy, responsible choice for your organization.

Save Money Day 1

Solar can lower your monthly energy bills by up to 30%. These savings, over the lifetime of your business, can add up to an incredible amount.

Control Costs

While utility rates steadily rise each year, solar allows your business to lock in a low, predictable rate for years to come.

Rely on a Dependable Energy Source

Solar is an affordable energy source that is also reliable, unlimited, and clean.

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Your Project Qualifies for Incentives.

Saving money on your energy bill each month isn’t the only benefit of going solar. Your organization can also benefit from federal and state tax credits, incentives, and rebates that your solar project qualifies for. Here are two that ALL projects benefit from:

The 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit, allows you to deduct 30% of your solar system’s cost from your federal taxes in the first year.

Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS)

You can deduct the depreciable basis of your solar system over 5 years to reduce your tax liability and accelerate the rate of return on your new solar system.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, Wunder’s team has helped countless organizations like yours secure state and federal incentives for their projects, and we’ll do the same for you.

See How Others Have Benefited.

Wunder Capital provides competitive financing products to a diverse set of commercial-scale solar projects, utilizing a number of different financial structures. Learn below how our current solar partners and customers have benefited from Wunder’s offerings.

Saving Money Can Save the Planet.

Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less CO2 than coal. If you want to help the environment, fight climate change, and be a model corporate citizen in your community, solar is a financially responsible way to have a positive impact. We’ve found that it’s also a great way to show your customers and local community that you care.

Financing Options Tailored to You.

As the only solar financier that focuses exclusively on helping businesses and organizations go solar, we’re experts at understanding your unique financial situation, motivations, and goals. Our team will help you identify what kind of financing structure makes the most sense for your business, and we’ll take care of all of the details needed to secure solar project finance.





Full Cash Purchase
Buy your system outright and don’t pay interest for financing. Any benefits from available tax credits, benefits, or rebates will go straight to you, and Wunder will handle the installation, roof warranty and energy monitoring.


Most Popular: Solar Loan
With $0-down, simply pay for your system every month at a low, fixed cost. Any available tax credits, benefits, or rebates will go straight to you, and Wunder will handle the installation, roof warranty and energy monitoring.


3rd-Party Ownership
Don’t buy the system, just pay for the energy it produces. With this option, non-profits, schools, and municipalities benefit from the renewable tax credit. Wunder will handle the installation, roof warranty and system monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar a good option for my organization?

Solar energy represents an excellent opportunity for businesses, non-profits, and municipalities across the U.S. that are interested in both reducing their monthly electricity bills and making …

Who will install my solar system?

Wunder works with leading solar installers and developers across the country to build top-of-the-line solar systems for businesses, munipalities, and non-profits. We'll work with your organization…

How do I monetize the federal tax credit?

For Wunder solar customers, we will walk you through the process of monetizing the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other available benefits that your solar project qualifies for…

In what states does Wunder operate?

Wunder operates in all of the 48 continental United States. Regulations and energy prices have a significant bearing on a project’s energy savings potential, so there are certain states…

How can I finance a new solar system?

If your organization doesn't want to cover the upfront cost of system installation, Wunder can provide you with financing options to make going solar affordable. You can still…

Where can I learn more?

Businesses, municipalities, and non-profits that are interested in going solar can learn about solar's many benefits, and the process of working with Wunder, at www.wundercapital.com…

Get Started Today.

Solar represents an incredible opportunity for your business or non-profit. It can save your organization money each month, reduce your taxes this year, and help the environment. Perhaps the best part is that it’s easy to go solar. Contact Wunder today to learn how you can save, and get started with solar.

Reduce Energy Bills
Secure a low, fixed electricity rate for decades to come.

Capture Tax Credits
Your project qualifies for state and federal benefits and incentives.

Go Green
Going solar reduces carbon pollution and fights climate change.

Invest In Your Community
Wunder works with local solar installers to build your system.