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What are the benefits of Wunder financing?

No Additional Collateral
Wunder loans are non-recourse and they only use the solar project as collateral. This means that we will take a security interest in system equipment and its resulting electricity generation, but we do NOT require personal guaranties, all-assets liens, or (in most cases) consent from existing mortgage lenders.

Automated Debt Servicing
Borrowers can log in to the Wunder Borrower Portal, where they can connect bank accounts, track their upcoming invoices, and update loan or company information. Monthly payments are made through automated drawdown from a connected bank account.

Customer Support
Customers have an assigned Wunder representative tasked with leading onboarding, reviewing key components of the loan contract, and providing ongoing personalized support throughout the loan term.

Speed and Flexibility
Once all required information is provided, term loans can be secured in as little as two weeks. While it is most often used for financing host-owned systems, term financing can also be used as a part of a structured financing solution.

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