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What is a Wunder Partner and why should I be one?

Wunder partners with solar developers, EPCs, installers, and distributors across the U.S., providing simple and flexible financing packages for commercial solar PV systems. We provide solar loans for host-owned systems, debt capital in third-party ownership structures (such as PPAs), and short-term working capital for equipment procurement.

There are a number of reasons Wunder’s financing products are beneficial for your customers (find those here), but what about Wunder Partners? Why should you partner with us?

No Dealer Fees
Wunder does not charge any dealer or application fees. In our eyes, you are not our dealer, you are our partner - sharing local market expertise and helping us identify quality commercial projects in your region.

When you’re trying to close a deal, waiting for financing approval from a bank can be prohibitively slow. We’ll give you a straightforward follow up to your project application in days, not weeks. We’ll respond to your messages in hours, not days.

Clear-Cut Data Requirements
We’ll never ask for information that we can get ourselves. The initial project application can usually be completed within 10 minutes using just the information in your sales proposal. When the project reaches final review, we will provide a complete list of documentation needs. That said, you can find a standard documentation request here.

Solar-Specific Project Diligence
You don't need to explain how solar works to us. And unlike many banks, we don't look at a solar loan as just an additional line item on a company's balance sheet. We understand the value of the system and the power it produces, as well as the specifics of accounting for the incentives and energy savings.

Dedicated Account Management
Your project, and it's loan(s), will be handled by a dedicated Wunder account representative who knows the ins and outs of both the project and the contracts - so you will always know who to call.

Want to hear more? Reach out to to schedule a phone call.

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