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No matter what your risk/return appetite, Wunder has you covered. Each Wunder solar fund is designed by solar specialists with help from our sophisticated underwriting algorithms. Get exposure to a diversified portfolio of solar investments with a single click.

Wunder Income Fund

Invest in operational solar projects that are powering healthy businesses across the country.

Minimum Investment
Annual Target Return
120 Months

How Wunder Works

An Animated Explanation

Curated Solar Portfolios

Think of it like a solar index fund. With one click, you get diversified exposure to solar as an asset class.

Led By Solar Experts

Wunder’s solar specialists and underwriting algorithms identify and vet each deal.

Maximize Your Returns

Earn up to 6.0% annually, while also helping to curb pollution and combat global climate change.

Monthly Cash Flow

Each month, your investment's returns will be seamlessly deposited directly into your bank account.


As an uncorrelated asset class, solar can offset your exposure to market fluctuations.

Low Volatility

Returns are generated as solar loans are repaid. Loans are backed by strong businesses and sunshine.

Invest in Solar Today

Your bank account (and grandchildren) will thank you in the future.

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