Now You Can Invest in Solar

Earn 6% Annually, Diversify Your Portfolio, and Fight Climate Change


A Curated Solar Portfolio

Invest in a carefully chosen mix of projects and earn a long-term cash flow.

Led By Solar Experts

Deals are selected and negotiated by our team of solar experts and data-driven algorithms.

Maximize Your Returns

Earn 6% annually while combating climate change.

Monthly Cash Flow

Invest $100K and receive $1,110 in monthly interest & principal payments for 10 years.


Solar is an uncorrelated asset class and can offset your exposure to market fluctuations.

Low Volatility

Returns are generated as solar loans are repaid. As long as the sun shines, you earn.

Example CS1 Fund Investments

These serve as examples of the types of opportunities in which the fund invests. Exact investment profiles and returns may vary.

New England University
$263K • 117kW • 10yr Loan

Midwest Dairy Farm
$345K • 135kW • 10yr Loan

Southwest Brewery
$296K • 122kW • 10yr Loan

100% Online


Everything (including money transfers, signatures, and accounting) is automated.


Investors, financial professionals, and accountants can manage investments directly online.


Wunder’s unrivaled efficiency and speed means you make more money.

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