We are realizing
America’s clean energy future

Wunder is a technology company that is powering the renewable energy revolution. We develop software and partner with leading solar organizations and financial institutions to build large-scale solar projects for businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and communities across the US.


Year Founded

59 (+ dogs)

Wunder-ers Currently


Built to Date

1133.4M lbs

CO2 Displaced per year

Meet the solar development software stack

Wunder has integrated an industry-defining project finance platform with a suite of tailored software applications to put solar professionals in the driver seat and C&I solar on the fast track.
Commercial Solar Projects
Development Applications

Wunder’s software tools turbocharge the origination, development, and management of C&I solar assets.

Finance Platform

At Wunder’s core is a powerful finance platform that makes financing C&I solar projects easy and scaleable.

Wall Street Investors

An impact that matters

Many companies — and individuals — are recognizing that climate change will result in catastrophic human, economic, and environmental fallout. And while some may finally be taking small steps to try and mitigate their impact, very few have made it their express purpose and mission to fight climate change.
Since 2013, we’ve been doing just that.


How many kilowatts of commercial-scale solar power that we’ve helped develop to date


How many vehicles on the road we displace each year, offsetting their carbon pollution


How many pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each Wunder-er will individually offset this year

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We’re backed by some of the best

Wunder’s investors have helped us grow from our first watt to more than 178 megawatts of solar. We are proud to have them with us as we redefine America’s energy landscape and push renewable energy forward.

Wunder’s Operating Principles

Wunder’s mission is to accelerate our clean, plentiful energy future. Our operating principles help us daily to both build an organization that we are all proud to be a part of and succeed in our ambitious mission.

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