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We make investing in solar dead simple.

Wunder Capital develops and manages solar investment funds by leveraging its national partnership network, tested processes, proprietary underwriting framework, and best-in-class online investment portal. Wunder actively manages everything, from the sourcing of commercial solar opportunities, to the underwriting, contracting, and construction of each project. Once a system is live, Wunder manages the ongoing operation and maintenance of the array, bills the energy customer, and distributes proceeds to investors.


Put your capital to work in a diversified solar portfolio while also helping to combat climate change.

Solar Professionals

Offer your customers tailored financing packages with flexible terms and competitive rates.

Energy Customers

Qualify for a solar loan to benefit from reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Company

Wunder is a financial technology company that is based out of Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2013, Wunder won the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2014 Sunshot Challenge, as well as COSEIA’s 2015 Summit Award. Wunder also participated in the Techstars technology accelerator program. Although Wunder’s solar funds are capitalized by individual accredited investors, the parent company and the operator of each of Wunder's solar funds - The Wunder Company - is backed by venture capital.

Wunder has assembled a solar project team comprised of Department of Energy researchers, seasoned project developers, and standard-setting industry leaders to deliver to investors a diverse portfolio of thoroughly vetted solar investments. We understand the hard science, the practicalities on the ground, and the risk evaluation processes, as members of both the National Renewable Energy Lab’s solar financing committee, and the industry-leading solar evaluation group TruSolar®. We have also developed proprietary software and automation measures that allow us to complete financings in days instead of the industry-standard weeks. This gives us the edge when competing with other financiers for great projects, and it ensures that our underwriting process is efficient, effective, and consistent. From electronic signatures and digital document handling, to automating data collection for potential investment opportunities, to electronic billing and distribution, Wunder’s veteran engineering team is pulling cost and time out of the solar financing equation. Not only does this allow Wunder to finance solar projects more quickly and efficiently, but also more accurately, as our software-enabled approach allows us to collect vastly more project data than a manual process would.


Wunder’s solar funds are capitalized by accredited individuals, trusts, family offices, foundations, hedge funds and pension funds. However, The Wunder Company, the parent company and the operator of each of Wunder's solar funds, is backed by venture capital.


Wunder is a proud partner of select financial and energy organizations that share our values and mission. Here are a few of these exemplary organizations: