How it Works

Technology Transforms Solar Financing

Wunder is transforming the solar financing system to make it more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly. We use technology to screen solar projects faster and more accurately than a bank, lowering the cost of credit and passing the savings back to investors in the form of strong returns.

1. Deal Flow

Solar loan applications are submitted online by Wunder’s national network of solar installer partners.

2. Portfolio Development

Wunder’s solar specialists and underwriting algorithms identify the most stable, high-return solar projects.

3. Fund Capitalization

Accredited investors securely invest in a diversified porfolio of solar projects using Wunder’s best-in-class online portal.

4. Construction & Operation

Projects are brought online by our top-tier solar installer partners with Wunder providing QA throughout.

5. Monthly Cash Flows

Each month when energy customers repay their loans, returns are distributed to Investors.

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Add solar to your portfolio, earn strong returns and finance positive environmental impact

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How Borrowing Works

  1. An approved Wunder solar installer partner submits a loan application.
  2. A financing decision is quickly provided by our proprietary underwriting algorithms.
  3. If qualified, borrowers benefit from a competitive and flexible financing package.
  4. Financing agreements are completed and construction begins.
  5. The Borrower enjoys a cleaner energy source and reduced energy bill.

How Investing Works

  1. Sign up for a free Wunder account.
  2. Make an investment reservation ($1,000 minimum) and connect a bank account.
  3. Once your capital is ready to be called, complete your investment, and verify your 'accredited investor' status.
  4. Start earning returns, with monthly deposits made directly into your bank account.
  5. Feel good about financing positive environmental impact and encourage others to do the same.