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Work and Life at Wunder

Wunder was founded with one simple vision: to address the greatest crisis of our generation by accelerating the proliferation of solar. Members of our team have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in private equity, developed innovative energy infrastructure solutions for the Department of Energy, and built products used and loved by hundreds of millions of people. Now we’re saving the world, and we’re looking for a few people that want to do the same!

While our mission is big, we try to keep things light. Our office is a unique hybrid of engineering, design, and networking. Although our backgrounds and responsibilities vary wildly, we’re a tight knit bunch that loves cross-pollination! We provide a happy, productive workplace, and we’re constantly improving it! You’ll find us hustling on the job while also cycling, hiking, boarding, skiing, camping, and having late night dinner parties all over our mile-high home; Boulder, CO.

Wunder-ers enjoy full benefits, unlimited vacation time, a competitive salary, stock options, and one of the only tangible opportunities to truly save the world.


Open Positions

We don’t like job titles or descriptions at Wunder. Truth be told, we don’t even like calling them jobs. That said, we need some people to join the team and help us save the world, so call these what you will...

If none of the openings listed here are a great fit for you, but you’re confident that you could make a big impact on Wunder’s team, shoot us an email at Tell us about yourself, what kind of role you’d like to play, and how you can be a force-multiplier.

Senior Back-End Engineer Boulder, CO
Senior Full Stack Engineer Boulder, CO
Financing Director Boulder, CO
2018 Summer Intern Boulder, CO
Your Dream Job Boulder, CO